Deltron PPG Refinishing Products


A refinishing system by PPG

Known to be the best-selling refinish system in North America, the Deltron® refinish system offers a track record of color excellence and process efficiency. The system provides a full range of easy-to-use products and solutions that covers every conceivable need from start to finish. For almost three generations we’ve refined and perfected the Deltron® toolbox of solutions to thrive in a variety of working conditions—facilities large and small, bake or no-bake. PPG’s successful Paint Performance Guarantee Program backs repairs made with the Deltron® system, good for as long as the customer owns the vehicle.

Products sold include:


  • DAS3025 V-SEAL Acrylic Urethane Sealer Gray


  • DP40LF Non-Sanding Epoxy Primer Gray Green
  • DP90LF Non-Sanding Epoxy Primer Black
  • K36 Acrylic Urethane Primer Surfacer
  • K38 High Build Primer Surfacer


  • DP401LF & DP402LF


  • DC2000 Ultra Velocity Clearcoat
  • DC3000 High Velocity Clearcoat Link
  • DC4000 Velocity Premium Clear Link
  • DCU2021 Concept Urethane Clear
  • DCU2002 High Solids Polyurethane Clear Link
  • DCH2015
  • DCH3070 (Low Temp), DCH3085 (Medium Temp), DCH3095 (High Temp), & DCH3098 (Ultra High Temp)
  • DCX8 (Medium), DCX9 (Hot Temp), DCX61 (General Purpose), & DFX11 (Supercharger Low VOC)
  • K201 (Primer Surfacer Catalyst)
  • DCX3030 Undercoat


  • DT860 (Cool), DT870 (Medium), DT885 (Warm), & DT895 (Hot)

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