Evercoat Collision Repair Materials


Quality Collision Repair Materials

Because of our commitment to quality, our unique formulations and our time-saving SOPs, Evercoat is the number one preferred putty and filler brand in North America. We hold a leading market position in many developed and emerging markets.

Resins and other critical components are sourced in the U.S. Our manufacturing is based in Cincinnati, OH, with sales and marketing offices in Ohio, Brazil, UK, Spain and China. We have distribution centers in Ohio, California, Brazil, UK, Spain and China.

Evercoat Products produce a quality collision repair, every time, everywhere.

Body Fillers sold include:

  • 10025 Rage Ultra (more)
  • 100112 Rage Gold (more)
  • 100282 Z-Grip (more)
  • 100156 Lite-Weight (more)
  • 100425 Metal Glaze Ultra 30oz. Pump (more)
  • 100416 Metal Glaze Polyester (more)
  • 100421 Easy Sand Flowable Polyester (more)
  • 100633 Fiber Tech Pouch (more)
  • 100622 Everglass Short Strand Gallon (more)
  • 101189 Tiger Hair Long Strand Quart (more)
  • 100889 Metal – 2 – Metal Aluminum Reinforced Filler (more)
  • 100708 Slink Sand Polyester Primer Quart (more)
  • 100736 Fiber Fill 4:1 Reinforced Polyester Primer Surfacer (more)
  • 100632 Everglass Short Strand Fiber Quart (more)

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