3M Tape, Abrasives & More

3M Tape, Abrasives & More

Products sold include:


Refinish Masking Tape

388N– 06652: 3/4in, 06654: 1 1/2in, 06656: 2in  (more info)

  • Great usability
  • Resists solvents and moisture
  • Rubber-based adhesive formula allows it to stick and stay on a variety of surfaces

Performance Green– 26334: 3/4in, 26338: 1 1/2in, 26340: 2in  (more info)

  • Resists breaking, lifting, and edge curl for less material waste.
  • Clean removal and sharp paint lines
  • Superior resistance to UV, moisture, and solvents.

Perforated Trim Masking Tape: 06349

  • Hand tearing without tools
  • Speeds paint time – no need to remove or clean auto body moldings
  • Strong polymeric film backing holds up to pull force, removes in one piece

Fine Line Tape– 06409: 1/2in, 06405: 1/4in, 06408: 1/8in

  • Excels in masking applications to create sharp, fine paint lines for striping, color separation, and complex designs.
  • Unique stretch properties.
  • Clean removal.

Paint Kits and Systems:

PPS Series 2.0 Cup System Kit– 26000 Standard 650ml, 26112 Midi 400ml, 26114 Mini 20ml

  • Highest performing disposable spray cup system
  • A new reusable hard cup is included in every lid/liner kit
  • Mixing ratios are printed on each cup

PPS Lid and Liner Kits– 16000 Standard 650ml, 16112 Midi 400ml, 16114 Mini 200ml

  • Legacy paint preparation system
  • Contains disposable lids with micro filters, liners and sealing plugs
  • All-in-one disposable solution for measuring, mixing, filtering, and spraying of paint materials.


High Power Spray Gun Cleaner: 26689

  • Helps reduce the use of cleaning solvents
  • Compatible for cleaning waterborne and solvent
  • Excellent for cleaning spray gun equipment


Perfect-It Rubbing Compound Quart: 36060 (more info)

  • Best-performing rubbing compound for removing P1200 or finer sand scratches
  • Reduces powdering and leaves a refined finish on all auto paint surfaces
  • Holds better no compounding pads for reduced sling, mess and cleanup time

Perfect-It Foam Compounding Pad: 05706

  • Highest-performing foam compounding pad
  • Works with 3M Hookit and Quick Connect attachment systems
  • Holds polish, prevents slinging for faster, cleaner results


Perfect-It EX Machine Polish Quart: 06094

  • Highest-performing machine polish for removing swirl marks after compounding
  • Longer wet time – less product is required for each use
  • Reduced sling, mess and cleanup time

Perfect-It Foam Polishing Pad: 05707

  • Provides a soft surface
  • Waffle face provides smooth contact surface
  • Quickly removes compounding swirls


Particulate Respirator N95: 07048

  • NIOSH approved for at least 95% filtration efficiency against certain non-oil-based particles
  • Use in grinding, sanding and buffing applications in the automotive aftermarket

Particulate Respirator PN N95: 07185

  • Two-strap disposable filtering facepiece respirator
  • Adjustable nose clip to help provide a custom fit and secure seal

Half Facepiece Disposable Respirator Assembly Respiratory– medium: 07192, large: 07193

  • NIOSH approved for respiratory protection against certain organic vapors and particulates
  • Lightweight well-balanced design enhances comfort


Wetordry Abrasive Sheet– 1000g: 02021, 1200g: 02022, 1500g: 02023, 2000g: 02044

  • Used wet or dry on paint, primer, gel coat and metal
  • Waterproof backing supports wet applications for decreased loading and a faster cut
  • Light, smooth, waterproof backing

Hookit Gold 6in 236U–

P80: 00983, P180: 00979

  • C-weight paper backing holds up during jobs
  • Is easy to change and reuse, maximizing utility for the life of the disc.
  • Resists dust and debris

6in 216U–

P220: 00978, P320: 00975, P400: 00973

  • A-weight paper backing is ideal for fine power sanding and finishing
  • Easy to change and reuse, maximizing utility for the life of the disc
  • Resists dust and debris

Red Abrasive Stikit 6in–

P80: 01116, P180: 01116, P320: 01109

  • Economical abrasive disc
  • Aluminum oxide abrasive offers reliable, dependable results
  • A- or D-weight paper backing

Red Abrasive Stikit Sheet Roll–

P80: 01688, P120: 01687, P180: 01685, P320: 01682

  • High-value re-attachable abrasive ideal for featheredging and primer sanding
  • A- or D-weight paper backing ensure best results for specific projects
  • Attachment makes for fast, efficient tool attachment
  • Hard, tough and sharp

Hookit Red Abrasive Disk 6in– P180: 01222, P320: 01219, P400: 01218, P800: 01187

  • Economical re-attachment abrasive disc
  • A- or D-weight paper backing ensure best results for specific projects
  • Attachment system makes for fast, efficient disc change-outs

Scotch Brite Flex Hand Pad– Grey: 64660, Maroon: 64659

  • Suitable for use on wood, paints, metal, plastics, ceramics, porcelain, glass, rubber or composites
  • Reusable pad resists tearing, splintering, loading and will never rust, providing a long, useful life
  • Foldable, stackable, or roll able for effective cleaning or conditioning on surfaces that are flat, irregular, or contoured

Scotch Brite Pro Hand Pad– Grey: 64935

  • Ultra-fine finishing action outperforms steel wool for cleaning, blending, prepping and finishing on metal, wood, plastics, and composites.
  • Performs like steel wool grade 00 without shredding, rusting, or splintering
  • Great for cleaning, finishing and buffing

Maroon: 64926

  • Superior alternative to steel wool, wire brushes, sandpaper, and other non-woven products for cleaning or finishing tasks
  • Resists tearing, splintering, shredding, loading and will never rust, providing a long, useful life

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