Automotive Tape



Refinish Masking Tape

388N– 06652: 3/4in, 06654: 1 1/2in, 06656: 2in  (more info)

  • Great usability
  • Resists solvents and moisture
  • Rubber-based adhesive formula allows it to stick and stay on a variety of surfaces

Performance Green– 26334: 3/4in, 26338: 1 1/2in, 26340: 2in  (more info)

  • Resists breaking, lifting, and edge curl for less material waste.
  • Clean removal and sharp paint lines
  • Superior resistance to UV, moisture, and solvents.

Perforated Trim Masking Tape: 06349

  • Hand tearing without tools
  • Speeds paint time – no need to remove or clean auto body moldings
  • Strong polymeric film backing holds up to pull force, removes in one piece

Fine Line Tape– 06409: 1/2in, 06405: 1/4in, 06408: 1/8in

  • Excels in masking applications to create sharp, fine paint lines for striping, color separation, and complex designs.
  • Unique stretch properties.
  • Clean removal.