Leading Edge Products

Leading Edge Products Prep: White Paper: W6P, W12P, W18P, W36P Primer: Premium 2k Shop Primer– Activator: 9114, Light Grey: 9111 Finish: Impressive – Paint leveling compound, #503G/503Q/503P –A modern, fast acting, paint leveling compound designed to remove 1000 grit or finer sand scratches. Provides high gloss, haze-free finish. Glamour Gloss – Show car shine, #63G/63P […]

Other Automotive Brands

Other Brands Products sold include: Raven: Medium: 66517, Large: 66518, X-Large: 66519, 2X-Large: 66520 SafeGrip Microflex: SG-375-l, SG-375-LX For pricing and specific product information, please contact us Inquire

3M Tape, Abrasives & More

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Website Products sold include: Tape: Refinish Masking Tape 388N– 06652: 3/4in, 06654: 1 1/2in, 06656: 2in  (more info) Great usability Resists solvents and moisture Rubber-based adhesive formula allows it to stick and stay on a variety of surfaces Performance Green– 26334: 3/4in, 26338: 1 1/2in, 26340: 2in  (more info) Resists breaking, lifting, and edge curl […]

Sunmight Auto Body Abrasives

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Sunmight Abrasives Sun Abrasives strives to produce the best quality abrasives to meet the high expectations of our valuable customers. We are constantly developing new and innovative products to provide greater benefits to coated abrasive customers. Website Products sold include: Gold Velcro (No Hole, 6in) 02406: 80g, 02410: 180g, 02414: 320g, 02418: 600g Scuff Pads […]

Evercoat Collision Repair Materials

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Evercoat Quality Collision Repair Materials Because of our commitment to quality, our unique formulations and our time-saving SOPs, Evercoat is the number one preferred putty and filler brand in North America. We hold a leading market position in many developed and emerging markets. Resins and other critical components are sourced in the U.S. Our manufacturing […]

SEM American Auto Body Repair Products

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SEM Products “Built Better” American Manufacturing We are American manufacturing. SEM engineers best-in-class products to reduce repair times, steps, and waste for the automotive, aerospace, marine, and industrial markets.   From intelligent product design to technical support, the “built better” promise is engrained in our DNA. Website Catalog Products sold include: Repair Materials: 39847 Dual-Mix […]