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Reducer Use and Purposes

Reducer Use and Purposes The 3 Purposes for Reducer This document breaks down why reducer/thinner/solvent choice is so important. Please download or print and keep near your mixing station as a reminder of good paint practices. The 3 Purposes of Reducer   Correct Temp for Reducer Choice Charts These to charts breakdown temerature ranges and […]

Automotive Refinish Terminology

Automotive Refinish Terminology Accelerator: A substance that when added to a paint will speed up the rate of cure. Acetone: A very fast evaporating solvent with high solvency for certain types of compounds and resins. Has a characteristic ether-like odor. Acrylic Urethane: A coating based on urethane chemistry, which also includes acrylic chemistry as part […]

Common Paint Problems and Solutions

Common Paint Problems and Solutions The following PDF is in chart format, it defines and solves many of the most common automotive paint problems we see on a daily basis.  This document is printable and easy to use. Common Paint Problems with Solutions and Preventions

Paint Code Locations

Paint Code Locations: In this section we will display paint code locations from major car manufacturers.  Please let us know if it helps or tips and other locations not mentioned. BMW BMW paint codes will be located on the drivers side shock tower under the hood.  In this example your paint code will be 354 […]